What is Pong Royal?

You probably already know world famous pong from 1972, one
of the very first computer games – a 2d table tennis match
between 2 players. Now we gave this dusty game a new twist,
we connect desktop and smartphone via open web technologies
for a complete new gaming experience. It takes place on your
computer, your smartphone is the controller.scrollVia the gyroscope sensors of the phone you control the paddle.
Tilt your phone back to make the paddle go down, tilt it forth to make
the paddle go up. Its easy as that.

What do i need?

You need a

1) Desktop computer, web tv or Tablet,
2) a smartphone and
3) internet connection for both devices.

3G or LTE will suffice, but Wifi is always the more stable deal.
No Software is needed and the only price you have to pay is the
envy of your friend.scroll

How to play

1. Good, you are already on a Desktop Computer.scroll2. Click Start and select your favorite Table Skin.scroll3. You should now see your Room ID, just grab your Smartphone.scroll4. Open your mobile Browser and go to pongroyal.descroll5. Click Start and enter your Player Name and the Room ID
shown on your Desktop. Your Phone and your Desktop now
say hellow to each other.scroll6. Now you can see possible Opponents to play against the computer, anyone from the list or a certain player
(if you play on the same screen).scroll7. Once both confirm, the game starts automaticallyscroll




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